What you’ll learn?

Business Finance Clinic- If you are tired of losing money in your business. identify 8 areas you are losing money in your business without even knowing and learn how to fix them.

• You will identify 8 critical areas where you are losing money without knowing.

• You will have opportunity of networking with other business owners where you can share grey areas relating to these and get recommendations to resolving them.

• 30 minutes one on one consultation with a multinational CFO.

• You will receive a Pricing template to help you simulate your prices and get your pricing right. You can determine the volume and number of customers you require to achieve your revenue and profit targets.

• Follow up to handhold you where you are having challenges.

• Referrals for Funding

The value you will get from this experience.

• At the end of the 4 days Business Finance clinic program.

• You will be able to know your numbers and the financial health of your business.

• You will be able to have insightful accounting records to take effective & timely decision.

• You will be able to price your services and products and build scenarios.

• You will understand proven strategies to manage your costs and avoid overspending.

• You will be able to track your business using simple tools- You will not run out of cash and you can grow your business

• You’ll have peace of mind and more time to relax and do other activities you have been postponing.